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RV/Trailer and Boat Storage

Measure the Exact Length of your storage items

Before completing a lease, measure the exact length of the item(s) you are storing from the very tip/front to the very back. Exact length must be equal to or less than the size of space listed on the lease. No exceptions. (Example: for a 30’ x 11’ back-in space the exact length must be 30’ or less.)

Most spaces are slightly larger than the description of the space leased to allow room between tenants. This extra space is not for the storage of any RV, Trailer, Motorhome, additional items not listed on the lease, or accessories that result in the EXACT length being greater than the size description of the space leased by the tenant. Over 50% of owners of RVs, trailers, and Motorhomes do not know the EXACT length of the items they want to put into storage.

​Incorrect Measurements: Providing the manufacturers model number, length from a brochure, length provided by a salesperson, or any other length not taken with a measuring tape has a 90% chance to be the WRONG measurement compared to the exact measurement derived from a measuring tape. Option 1: Get a measuring tape and measure Option 2: Schedule an appointment so we can measure for you prior to completing the lease. Here are examples: Continue to Reservation

17ft. Boat w/Trailer: Requires a 25ft. Space

16ft. Cargo Trailer: Requires a 25ft. Space

27ft. Flatbed Utility Trailer: Requires a 35ft. Space

24ft. Travel Trailer: Requires 30ft. Space

30ft. Motorhome: Requires 35ft. Space

37ft. Fifth Wheel: Requires 45ft. Space

20ft. Pontoon Boat: Requires 30ft. Space